Mommy & Daddy & Me

Mommy & Daddy & Me  (Ages 18 – 36 months)     A 30-minute class offering an introduction to dance in a nurturing atmosphere.  Your little one will learn developmental skills, social skills, creative movement, music interpretation, all with you by their side.


Pre-Ballet  (Age 3)



A 30-minute class offering a fun exploration of basic ballet and dance technique.  Creative dance, musicality, posture and problem solving, social skills and self-expression are encouraged.  Props are incorporated into the class.

Ballet A, B, C

Ballet A, B, C  (Ages 4-6)     Ballet A, B, and C are structured ballet classes focusing on body alignment and limb placement.  Class is primarily away from the ballet barre to build spatial and self-awareness.  Props are incorporated into these classes. Ballet A is a 30-minute class, and Ballet B and C are 45-minute classes.

Ballet/Tap Combo

Ballet/Tap Combo (Age 4-5)



A 1-hour class offering an introduction to both ballet and tap.  The ballet portion focuses on body placement and limb alignment, working away from the ballet barre.  The tap portion covers elements of rhythm, musicality, and creative tap. Both dance styles address spatial and body awareness and incorporate props.  Class is divided into 30 minutes of ballet, and 25 minutes of tap.

Ballet 1-6

Ballet 1-6 (Ages 7 and up)



Ballet levels 1 through 6 are structured ballet classes that include a warm-up at the barre, followed by center work and movement across the floor.  Exercises focus on developing strength, alignment, flexibility, achieving and maintaining turn-out, application of correct body positions, classical ballet vocabulary, and concentration.

  • Ballet 1:       Dancers increase their retention skills and are introduced to a structured barre warm-up.  It is recommended that Students take 1-2 classes per week.  Classes are 1 hour.
  • Ballet 2:       Dancers develop proper muscle memory and retention skills.  It is recommended that Students take two classes per week.  Classes are 1 hour to 1.25 hours.
  • Ballet 3, 4:   Students are required to take 2-3 classes per week.  Classes are 1.25 to 1.5 hours.
  • Ballet 5, 6:   Dancers enter a more advanced level of training with the goal of reaching a pre-professional level.  Dancers are required to take 4-6 classes per week.  Classes are 1.25 -1.5 hours each.
Beginning Pointe

Beginning Pointe  (By invitation only, Ballet 3+)



Students are required to take at least 3 ballet classes per week and be invited by their teacher to enroll and participate in Beginning Pointe, a 30-minute class.


Intermediate/Advanced Pointe and Variations

Intermediate/Advanced Pointe and Variations (Ballet 4+)     Intermediate Students demonstrate strength and control during barre and center work.  Students are required to take 4-6 ballet classes per week to participate in Intermediate and/or Advanced Pointe, a 45-minute class.

Modern 1-4

Modern 1-4 (Ages 7 and up)



Classes integrate various traditional disciplines of modern dance foundations with current contemporary styles. These classes are for dancers who like physical, complicated floor work, level changes, patterns of movement and self-expression. Elements of improvisation and partnering are also introduced.  Each level of Modern is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty. Classes are 1 hour.

Jazz 1-4

Jazz 1-4 (Ages 7 and up)     Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with a stylized approach.  Jazz covers elements of body isolation, energy, rhythmical accuracy and style.  Jazz can take form as traditional Jazz, Street Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, and Lyrical.  Each level of jazz is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty.  Classes are 1 hour.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater (Ballet 2 and up)    A 45 minute, high energy class that focuses on Broadway style dancing with elements of acting and singing.

Tap Beginning - 4

Tap 1-4 (Ages 7 and up)



Tap dance combines techniques from African and Irish dance roots.  Articulation of feet, musicality, rhythm, and coordination are all elements of this style.  Each level of Tap is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty. Classes are 1 hour.

Hip Hop 1-3

Hip Hop 1-3 (Ages 7 and up)



Hip Hop will introduce the Student to basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression. This high-energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required.  Classes are 1 hour.

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet



One-hour class geared toward beginning and intermediate adult dancers.


Yoga & Conditioning for Ballet

Ballet 4 and Up – Dancers can use yoga as a tool to improve strength, flexibility, focus, and technique. Yoga can also help prevent injury, increase relaxation, improve balance, and enhance a calming stage presence.  Through breath synchronized movement, poses are linked with inhales and exhales with one breath per movement. This is classical yoga with a strong focus on breath work, sun salutations, and deep stretching postures.  

              BWR 2020-21 TUITION SCHEDULE

 Non-refundable Registration Fees:

$35 for new students

$20 for current BWR students

$45 for current BWR families with more than two enrolled students

Tuition Rates:                       Per Semester         Monthly Installment Rates                                                                                                                          (Paid September – April)

30 Minute Class                         $218                               $54.50

45 Minute Class                         $250                               $62.50

1 Hour Class                              $303                               $75.75

Over 1 Hour Class                     $322                                  $80.50

4 – 6 Classes                              $1129                                $282.25

7 – 9 Classes                              $1,194                                $298.50

10 or more Classes                    $1,259                                $314.75

Family Discounts:

2nd Child – 5% Discount for both dancers’ tuition

3rd plus Child – 10% Discount on each dancer’s tuition

.Adult Classes: $15 each

Recommended Number of Classes:

Ballet I & II – 2 -3 Classes per Week

Ballet III & IV – 3 – 4 Classes per Week

Ballet V & VI – 4+ Classes per Week

Beginner Pointe must take at least 3 Ballet classes per Week


Must be Ballet 4 or higher to take Yoga

Must be at least 6 y/o to do Beginning Tap

Must be at least 7 y/o to do Hip Hop

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Ballet/Modern Placement Handbook

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218 West Boardman Street
P. O. Box 1684
Youngstown, OH 44501

218 West Boardman Street
P. O. Box 1684
Youngstown, OH 44501